Some facts about waterbeds

For decades this well established sleep system has been surrounded by myths born by those who ridicule it in TV sketches and comedy acts. The most common myth about waterbeds is the feeling of seasickness. With modern technology the amount of movement in any waterbed can be reduced to over 95%. With the option of a 'dual system' mattress, each mattress is independent of the other and can be temperature controlled separately.

Memory Fibre water mattresses, can mimic the actions of a memory foam type mattress but technology is always on the move and we now have a specially designed Memory Foam Water Mattress pushing the boundaries even further with either a medium or firm mattress.

A waterbed offers a quality of life not possible on any other sleep system as the entire body is totally and evenly supported. The buoyancy of the water results in a natural support without any unnecessary, uncomfortable pressure points as the water mattress conforms to your own body shape, thereby allowing your spine to fully relax and take its natural shape giving you a comfortable night's sleep. You will wake up in the morning relaxed and ready to face the challenges of the day. Total body support is achieved however you lie - on your back, front or side

Conventional Sprung Mattress
Conventional Mattress
Conventional mattresses create "Pressure points" on any area of greater weight concentration

Water and Memory Foam Mattress
Water Mattress
Conforms to the exact shape of your body, providing total support and eliminates uncomfortable "pressure points".


Waterbeds versus Dry Memory Foam

It would be fair to say that when Memory Foam mattresses were introduced to the bedding market several years ago, it did have an impact on waterbed sales (as it also did with conventional mattresses). Like many new products, the consumer wanted the latest thing on the market just look at the mobile phone and computer industries ! However as time has passed, Memory Foam has had its fair share of problems with mattresses going out of shape, losing its memory, and users getting too hot. That combined with many more manufacturers producing Memory Foam mattresses which in turn has reduced the quality as they compete on price, we believe Memory Foam has gone full circle. Customers who have tried the alternative are now looking for something compatible and the waterbed is still ticking all the right boxes.

  Waterbeds Memory Foam
Relieves body/joint pressure Yes Yes
Reduces the risk of pressure sores Yes Yes
Moulds to your body Yes Yes
Aids better circulation Yes Yes
Washable covers Yes Yes
Variable degrees of firmness Yes Yes
Variable degrees of firmness (once installed) Yes No
Mattress harbours dust mites No Yes
Temperature controlled Yes No
More hygienic& dust free Yes No
Easily cleaned /sanitized Yes No

Waterbeds and Memory Foam offer many of the same qualities, but have two main differences. Waterbeds are thermostatically controlled and more hygienic. The warmth of a temperature controlled waterbed helps your muscles to relax, resulting in improved blood circulation while alleviating sore or stiff muscles and joints. Better circulation means you toss and turn less and get a better night's sleep. The actual mattress is easily accessible with removable and washable covers, making it more hygienic which is a proven benefit for people with Asthma. The even support, adjustable warmth and hygiene value makes a waterbed an excellent choice.

  • Backache
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma / Allergies
  • Bed sores
  • Insomnia

Millions of pounds are spent every year by the food and leisure industries, and government organisations to promote a healthy diet to look after our own bodies. We spend around a third of our life in bed and promotion in what is considered to be the best way to sleep is usually left to the individual retailers. We may be all different heights shapes, sizes and weights but every one of us needs sleep. Our best recommendations come from existing waterbed users. 99% of customers who already sleep on a waterbed would not go back to a conventional bed, and those who do usually decide it was not their best decision and come back to a waterbed.


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