Health and the waterbed

Waterbeds are good for your health too!

Do you shudder at the thought of dust mites? Then why do you share your bed every night with thousands of them?

No matter how much we wash and shower, we all shed dead skin. In a conventional sprung and memory foam mattress, these tiny particles filter down through the inner layers of fibre, then slowly work their way back up and onto the sheets. They are totally inaccessible to any cleaning procedures although thorough vacuuming may remove some of the particles, but certainly not all.

The House Dust Mite

The House Dust Mite: Invisible to the naked eye, feeds on hair and tiny flakes of skin.

The plentiful food supply and the humid environment provide the ideal breeding ground for these microscopic parasites. Over time, these organisms and perspiration salts build up within the mattress fibres so it isn't really surprising that so many people suffer allergic reactions and asthma attacks in their beds.

A waterbed helps to prevent these problems. It is impossible for dirt and skin particles to penetrate the water mattress and these can be wiped away periodically with a cloth and vinyl cleaner. The cover over the mattress can be regularly washed or cleaned - thus virtually eliminating the incidence of the House Dust Mite in the waterbed.

Trouble Sleeping?

A flotation mattress can have a profound effect in inducing a good night's sleep. The soothing warmth and even support of tired muscles is definitely therapeutic. With our body temperatures reducing during sleep, using a conventional mattress without heat can further reduce the body temperature and Memory Foam mattress obviously rely on body temperature to work efficiently. Heated blankets are insufficient as, unlike heated flotation mattresses, they provide heat only to the top of the body. Flotation support further enhanced with a constant, controllable temperature results in a deeper, rejuvenating night's sleep!

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