General information on waterbeds

Do you realise that we spend a third of our lives in bed?
With this fact in mind it should come as no surprise that the standards we expect a good bed to meet are pretty high. The importance of good sleeping habits is often disregarded, more people spend longer choosing a TV or furniture than they do their bed. The quality of sleep is closely connected to the quality of the mattress.

Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of escaping gravity. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, for once in a while, we could all be weightless ? We can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness when we float on water, relaxed and carefree. The water allows us to drift. When you consider our bodies are primarily water with a few bones and tissue thrown in for good measure, it’s no wonder the two should go hand in hand.

The waterbed has come a long way in 3OOO years from the Persian’s original idea of sleeping on sun-warmed goat skin water bags. It was in the sixties that the comfort offered by a waterbed was rediscovered and has evolved into a sophisticated flotation sleep system. With new technologies and production techniques, today’s waterbed offers a vast range of styles to meet anyone’s requirements.

As most people know waterbeds were very popular in the 60’s / 70’s - considered its heyday. Unfortunately due to media coverage and through popular TV programmes, the waterbed was left with a stigma that is still talked about today. Sadly, many have also been introduced to waterbeds in America and Canada where the ‘free-flow’ mattress is widely used which gives cause for concern about the amount of movement generated if one partner moves during the night. This is understandable, but completely incorrect as modern mattresses can have little or NO movement at all. See our Memory Foam versus Memory Fibre on our ‘facts’ page.

This tried and tested sleep system is really proving its rightful place in the market again, and many people are already enjoying the restful delights of a waterbed. In homes for the elderly and hospitals they have long been convinced of the medical advantages of waterbeds to alleviate pressure points. Many doctors and osteopaths recommend sleeping on water for the relief of stress, rheumatism, backache, painful muscles, asthma and respiratory problems as a waterbed has a very high standard of hygienic properties.

In the main, there are three different styles of waterbeds;

Hard Sided WaterbedHard side
The old traditional hard side consisted of a wooden frame that housed the water mattress. Although the frame itself could be as plain and simple as you want (a box), equally it could be as ornate in design as you wish. They were also upholstered in various fabrics to colour co-ordinate the surroundings and furnishings.

However, the biggest down side to any hard sided / framed waterbed is the getting in and out of bed, and in some cases the actual dressing of the bed itself. Many manufacturers have dropped this style from their production range.


Meadow Soft Side
TTI Quatro-Bern
Soft sided
This style is fast becoming more and more popular, and Soft Sided waterbeds probably now account for 95%-98% of the waterbed market. The old frame is replaced with a shaped foam cushioned edge, which allows easy comfort when sitting on the side and in turn makes it far easier to get in / out of. There are two different models in the soft sided range;

The ‘Standard’ cushion and the ‘Split’ cushion. The standard cushion is a triangular shape on all four sides.The split cushion is divided horizontally allowing the lower half to be colour co-ordinated, and the dressing of the bed is then on the top part making it easier to tuck in any sheets. It also reduces the amount of wear on the side foams. Nearly ALL soft sided waterbeds have a zip top cover which can be removed to wash.


The Conversion
This system combines both the hard sided frame and soft sided waterbeds into one. The frame becomes a feature of the room setting and is designed in such a way that the soft sided waterbed is ‘exposed’ for easy access. This method also allows conventional bed frames to be converted where a soft sided waterbed is fitted into your frame or metal bedstead. Especially popular when a wooden frame is within keeping of any existing furniture. The main down side to this system is that you are affectively buying two beds and is obviously more expensive. When converting an existing conventional frame you are also limiting yourself on choice as you have to work within the parameters of the frame and not the waterbed.

Parisienne Sleigh Soft Waterbed  Langholm Soft Waterbed

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TTI Laguna with Akva Ural H/board and Ped Kaydian Bowburn TV Bed Kaydian Bowburn TV bed with Akva Delta soft side