Waterbed Range

Just some of the comprehensive range of waterbeds we have to offer.

Please note that we do not show any prices due to the vast number of beds and all the options available in both metric and imperial sizes, each of which has a range of mattresses that can be fitted with different amounts of stability.

It is for this reason we have also refrained from offering an on-line ordering service for complete beds as a price guide would be too complex, and we prefer to advise our customers of all the options available first giving that personal service. We are also able to mix some features from one manufacturer with another making your bed unique to you.

For the sake of simplicity, our complete soft sided beds range from £650.00 - £6,500.00 depending on your specifications.

Please click a thumbnail image to explode a larger view for each of the waterbeds shown.

For a quote on a specific waterbed and personal spec, please contact us and we will discuss all the options available, and your requirements in more detail.

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