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Do you realise that we are likely to spend a third of our lives in bed?

With this fact in mind it should come as no surprise that the standards we expect a good bed to meet are pretty high. The importance of good sleeping habits is often disregarded, more people spend longer choosing a TV or home furniture than they do their bed. The quality of sleep is undisputedly connected to the quality of the mattress.

Since the beginning of time man has dreamed of escaping gravity. Wouldn't it be wonderful if, for once in a while we could all be weightless and allow our bodies to rejuvenate naturally ?

Waterbed Profile

We can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness when we float on water, relaxed and carefree allowing us to just - drift. When you consider our bodies are primarily water with a few bones and tissue thrown in for good measure, it’s no wonder the two should go hand in hand.

The waterbed has come a long way in 3OOO years from the Persian’s original idea of sleeping on sun-warmed goat skin water bags. It was in the sixties that the comfort offered by a waterbed was rediscovered and has now evolved into a sophisticated flotation sleep system. With new technologies and production techniques, today’s waterbed offers a vast range of styles to meet anyone’s requirements.

As most people know waterbeds were very popular in the 60’s / 70’s - considered its heyday. Unfortunately due to media coverage and through popular TV programmes, the waterbed was left with a stigma that is still talked about today. Sadly, many have also been introduced to waterbeds in America and Canada where the ‘free-flow’ mattress was widely used which gave cause for concern about the amount of movement generated if one partner moves during the night. This is understandable, but completely incorrect as modern mattresses can have little or NO movement at all. With the developement and introduction of a Memory Foam water mattress, all the benefits of a regular Memory Foam mattress can be achieved with the added bonus of being better temperature controlled. A problem regular Memory Foam mattresses appear to be struggling with.

This tried and tested sleep system is really proving its rightful place in the market again, and many people are already enjoying the restful delights of a waterbed. In homes for the elderly, and in hospitals they have long been convinced of the medical advantages of waterbeds to alleviate pressure points. Many doctors and osteopaths have recommend sleeping on water for the relief of stress, rheumatism, backache, painful muscles, asthma and respiratory problems as a waterbed has a very high standard of hygienic properties.

It is true that waterbeds did go out of favour with many people, but since technology has moved on things have gone full circle and this unique sleep system is becoming very popular again. For those that already enjoy a waterbed, it is very unlikely they will change back.

European Waterbed Association

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