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We started our company in the early 90's as Isle of Ely Waterbeds after being made redundant from a full time career. A worrying time back then, but here we are 30+ years later as one of the main waterbed specialists in the UK. Over the years we have seen many changes, models have improved beyond all recognition, technological advances in mattress production, other waterbed companies have come and gone, the internet exploded becoming the main source of information, and above all seen the market drop and come back again as a popular sleep system.

One of our biggest breaks was earning a contract in the mid-late 90's to install nearly all of the waterbeds sold at the Ideal Home Exhibition which we did for the best part of ten years.

Since owning a waterbed ourselves for many years before starting our business, we had a good idea of what customers wanted – after sales service. As our company grew, we like to think that we had the edge over larger companies as we could offer that personal service.

It soon became clear that our initial home site was not really big enough to provide all the information we wanted, so Onlywaterbeds was born and developed into our main web site portal. This offered so much more information for customers and gives greater detail and shows more pictures. Both sites now enjoy a large presence on the web as we decided to keep the Ely site live and just up date it.

We became founder members of the European Waterbed Association and a supporter of the British Waterbed Association bringing a group of specialists onto one platform who would work together.

It was a great achievement to become the main UK agent for the former TTI Stretch Top System range of waterbeds. We had also become agents for Akva Waterbeds, High & Dry waterbed systems, The British Waterbed Company, Aquastar Sleep Systems, and Eclipse Waterbeds.

Although we are based in East Anglia and primarily service Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Essex, Northants, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire. Our customer network inevitably expanded over the years and we now regularly travel to London and the home counties, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. We have also been recommended to customers as far afield as Cumbria, Northumberland, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Cornwell and the Isle of Wight.

This is mainly due to Isle of Ely Waterbeds being independent with no ties to any particular manufacturer, offering a very comprehensive and versatile range of waterbed.

Therefore we have the flexibility to piece together any combination to achieve your style and specification where possible, backed up by our personal service and after care. With our specialist knowledge we can mix and match different models.

Today we have our own showroom and display of differant models offering the same level of service we did when we started.

European Waterbed Association

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All orders may be cancelled within 7 working days from date of order. A handling charge of 25% of the invoice total may apply if your order is already in production, your deposit is not refundable.

Distant Selling
All our product range are made to order and "to your personal requirements or specification" (unless clearly stated as a "stock" item) and therefore the "right to cancel or cooling off" period will NOT apply. Please ask for details or refer to

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