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Waterbed Moving Service

We can offer you a nation-wide relocation service when moving house. Dismantling and moving your waterbed to a new home, taking the worry of damaging the mattress off your hands. With contacts all over the UK we can also put you in touch with a local waterbed installer/specialist if you are moving completely out of the area.

Moved It Yourself: (and now have a mattress with a lump in the middle)?

Many people will attempt to move a waterbed themselves for whatever reason, but various precautions must be taken when draining the mattress. Once the mattress is empty, it MUST be vacuumed so that the fibres inside do no move, then the mattress can be folded or rolled without all the fibres ending up in the middle of the bed when refilled. If you have experienced this or are worried this may happen, then give us a call. We can offer a full or part moving service, and if there is a large mound in the middle of the bed, we can try and straighten the fibres back out again.

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