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Waterbed Services

We pride ourselves in offering the full package, from your first phone call or e-mail to installation.

Everything is kept in house as we do not sub-contract our work to anyone else.

Your showroom visit is on a one to one basis, so you have our undivided attention when discussing all the options to meet your requirements. Our showroom is not on a High Street, so you can relax in the comfort that no-one is peering through the window to watch you hop from one bed to another.

If you are looking to convert your existing conventional bed in to a waterbed, then we can carry out a home visit to see if this is possible by checking the bed frame.

European Waterbed Association

Your right to cancel
All orders may be cancelled within 7 working days from date of order. A handling charge of 25% of the invoice total may apply if your order is already in production, your deposit is not refundable.

Distant Selling
All our product range are made to order and "to your personal requirements or specification" (unless clearly stated as a "stock" item) and therefore the "right to cancel or cooling off" period will NOT apply. Please ask for details or refer to

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