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Replacement Waterbed Mattresses

We offer a full range of replacement mattresses for both soft and hard sided water beds with different rates of stability. Because there are so many options with all the imperial and metric sizes, rates of stability/flotations, and makes to suit the different water beds, it would be difficult to list and show all the options available. Although several makes of mattresses are interchangeable especially with hard sided frames, in many cases a particular brand will fit better in certain models than others. This is particularly the case with UK and European soft sided water beds. Therefore we have decided not to list all the options for an on-line service. We would prefer to discuss your requirements and make sure you get the right mattress for your bed. To help establish what type of mattress you may have, please see the charts below as a guide to the stability ratings.

Please contact us direct by phone or e-mail to select the best mattress for you.

There are generally four terms used by different waterbed retailers and manufacturers to describe the types of mattress stability which can normally be found on the label around the filler neck.

These are names given to each mattress type, a rough percentage of movement, the number of baffles / layers inside, and the amount of time it takes to settle. They are approximations as a guide.

Free Flow0.00%0 layers15-20 seconds
Semi Flow50.00%F2 / F3 layers8 – 10 seconds
Waveless75.00%F4 / F5 layers5 – 6 seconds
Motionless95.00%F6 layers2 – 3 seconds
Fully Stabilised
(Ultimate / Mudbed)
99.00%F7 – F8 layers0 – 1 second
Ergo Foam (water mattress) Memory FoamDelayed re-action

Soft Side Waterbed Mattress Profiles

soft side

Single Mattress

soft side Dual

Dual System Matresses

Hard Side Waterbed Mattress Profiles

Hard side

Single Mattress

Hard side Dual

Dual System Matresses

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