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After Sales & Waterbed Warranties

Nearly all our waterbeds supplied come with a five year manufacturers warranty against premature failure or manufacturing faults to the 'seams, corners and filler necks'. Providing we have a full service history while the bed is in warranty, we will endeavour to carry out any repairs within 48 hours (where possible) should the need ever arise. A service charge will ONLY be made to cover the cost of mileage and fuel costs.

Where NO service history is available, a full service charge will apply covering the cost of labour/time.

Service reminders are sent annually in the month your waterbed was installed. If no response is made, the reminders will stop after two years.

European Waterbed Association

Your right to cancel
All orders may be cancelled within 7 working days from date of order. A handling charge of 25% of the invoice total may apply if your order is already in production, your deposit is not refundable.

Distant Selling
All our product range are made to order and "to your personal requirements or specification" (unless clearly stated as a "stock" item) and therefore the "right to cancel or cooling off" period will NOT apply. Please ask for details or refer to

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